NHDP - Kelly Ayotte Latest US Senator to Flip-Flop on Marriage, Still Supports Discriminatory Federal Laws

Why are Bradley, Guinta, & O'Brien hiding? Will they oppose future efforts to overturn NH's equality law?


Concord - Amidst pressure from the New Hampshire Democratic Party and the majority of Granite Staters, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte flip-flopped on her support for overturning New Hampshire's marriage equality law.  While running for office Ayotte had promised the extreme right wing Cornerstone Action organization she would "help with any effort to get out law back on the right place on this." [Cornerstone Action Debate 2010] But on Thursday she changed her position saying "this is a matter for the states" and "New Hampshire's already made that decision and I respect that decision."  [NHPR, 3/28/2013]


"While we are thrilled to see Kelly Ayotte finally flip-flopping on New Hampshire's state marriage equality law, the question now is will other New Hampshire Republicans follow suit?  Does Jennifer Horn plan to amend the NHGOP's party platform?  Will Jeb Bradley, Frank Guinta, and Bill O'Brien pledge to oppose future efforts to overturn New Hampshire's law?" asked Harrell Kirstein, New Hampshire Democratic Party's communications director.  "Or will they continue to stand with the far right wing and radical conservative organizations that would deny equal rights to loving New Hampshire families."


Ayotte continues to support the discriminatory 'DOMA' law that denies New Hampshire families equal protection at the federal level. [NHPR, 3/28/2013, WMUR, 3/27/2013]  Jeb Bradley voted against marriage equality as at a state senator in Concord, and voted for a constitutional amendment against marriage equality while in still Congress. [HB436 Roll Call; Roll Call 387]  Frank Guinta also voted against marriage equality while in Washington.[Concord Monitor, 11/4/2012]  As Speaker, Bill O'Brien led numerous unsuccessful attempts to repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law. [Nashua Telegraph, 11/11/2012]


Public opinion polls continue to show overwhelming support for marriage equality both in New Hampshire and across the nation. [UNH Survey Center; Washington Post, 3/2013]