Townhall Daily - March 03 - Derek Hunter, John Ransom, Austin Hill, Doug Giles, Debra J. Saunders and More


Derek Hunter:
Welcome to the Armageddon

John Ransom:
Obama White House: Vulgar and Abusive

Austin Hill:
Diminished Trust and Woodward’s Woes

Doug Giles:
Christian Parents Should Have Their Kids Play with Toy Guns

Debra J. Saunders:
Woodward-Sperling Flap May Turn Tide

Paul Jacob:
A Gun Out of a Mountain Out of a Molehill


Is Obama targeting the 22nd Amendment?
Porter Stansberry recently published a presentation explaining why and how President Obama is likely to seek a third term. Critics say Stansberry doesn't understand the 22nd Amendment. 
But the truth is… there are simple ways around this prohibition… And leftist governments around the world have used these same maneuvers to hold power…  
Of course, Porter has been attacked by the liberal media… An anonymous critic even said the presentation borders on treasonous libel.  
See the facts for yourself by clicking here… and then make your own decision.


Daniel J. Mitchell:
Joe Biden’s Self-Defense Advice

Kevin McCullough:
Feminists: Leave My Boys Alone

Political Calculations:
The Deadweight Loss of Minimum Wage Hikes

Bob Beauprez:
A Pessimistic Nation – and Six Principles to Help Get Over It

Rich Tucker:
Stretching Stamps

Steve Chapman:
Freedom to Gamble