Political Headlines - March 4, 2013

  • Focus shifts to averting government shutdown: GOP leaders expressed a willingness to call a long-enough truce with their Democratic colleagues to allay fears of a shutdown at the end of the month. Globe Washington bureau reporter Tracy Jan covers.
  • Mitt Romney rues errors, says loss 'kills me': In a TV interview, the former presidential candidate reflected on topics ranging from Washington gridlock to what he sees as Obama's failings. Globe Washington bureau reporter Bryan Bender details.
  • In D.C., local nonprofits to appeal cuts: Several human service agencies from Massachusetts plan to directly appeal to lawmakers in the nation's capital this week. Globe metro reporter Emily Sweeney outlines.
  • US should focus aid on Syrian refugees: Everyone will be better if the US uses humanitarian assistance toward temporary relief and emergency resources to keep refugees from destabilizing the region. Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem explains.
  • Common sense wins in Tim Cahill case: Attorney General Martha Coakley and Cahill wisely reached an agreement to make the case against the former state treasurer go away. Globe metro columnist Adrian Walker writes.