March 4, 2013, Santa Fe, NM -- Former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., former Louisiana Governor and presidential candidate Buddy Roemer and Whole Foods co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey have joined the Honorary Board of the Our America Initiative, an issue advocacy organization whose Honorary Chairman is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.
Announcing the Honorary Board members, Johnson said, “The fundamental purpose of the Our America Initiative is to stimulate an honest and fresh public dialogue about the key issues of the day. It is difficult to find three individuals better qualified to do just that than Barry Goldwater, Jr., Buddy Roemer and John Mackey.  
“Barry Goldwater, Jr., is a nationally-respected voice for limited government and greater personal liberty. Whether it is the national news media or on a college campus, when Barry speaks, they listen.  I value his counsel as a member of Our America’s Honorary Board.
“Likewise, as a former Member of Congress and Governor, Buddy Roemer has established himself as one of the nation’s leading advocates for real reform of our broken political system, and knows what it means to challenge the status quo.  
“I am also extremely gratified to have John Mackey on the board.  John Mackey is one of the great entrepreneurs of our age as well as the leading advocate for Conscious Capitalism.  His positive, purpose-driven vision and example will help us revive the free enterprise system that made the U.S. prosperous."
“While each of these gentlemen approach the issues facing us today from slightly different directions, as do I, we all agree that it is past time to put politics aside and have an honest conversation in this country about where we are headed.  That is what the Our America Initiative is all about, and the input of these distinguished leaders will be invaluable.”
The Our America Initiative is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization dedicated to promoting an open public discussion of policy issues facing the nation.  Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is the organization’s Honorary Chairman.