Nashua Chamber President Joins Growing Chorus Calling For Governor To Comply With State Law

Concord, NH - Despite a state law requiring her to submit the HB 2 component of her budget by February 15, Governor Hassan is still refusing to turn over the important documents to the legislature.

"Governor Hassan is now over two weeks late in submitting critical budget documents that are required by state law. Her failure to provide responsible leadership and follow the law is prohibiting our state legislators from fully reviewing her reckless proposal," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Every day that goes by without these important budget documents submitted to the legislature raises more questions about what Governor Hassan is trying to hide. It is time for the governor to turn over the documents and propose a 'Plan B' to address the $80 million hole that could be created by her fiscally irresponsible budget." 

On Friday Chris Williams, president of the non-partisan Nashua Chamber of Commerce, joined the growing chorus of business and political leaders criticizing the governor's missing budget documents.

“It is not much of an exaggeration to say that, without HB 2, HB 1 is just a jumble of numbers,” Williams wrote in his weekly chamber newsletter (Nashua Telegraph3/3/13.) “The failure of this or any other governor to ensure that HB 2 gets to the Legislature and the public promptly diminishes the ability of the Legislature to exercise its oversight authority...One-third of the time for the House to review the budget is already gone, and HB 2 still is not in the hands of the public and the members of the House that are undertaking the review."

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee has filed a complaint with Attorney General Michael Delaney - a strong opponent of the reckless Hassan budget - asking him to compel the governor to follow state law and turn over the documents.