ALG's Daily Grind - How to end overcriminalization

March 5, 2013

How to end overcriminalization

Statutory law in America has expanded to the point that government's primary activity is no longer to protect, preserve and defend our lives, liberty and property, but rather to stalk and entrap normal American citizens doing everyday things.

Report: Treasury has option to default should debt ceiling be reached

1985 GAO Report: "The Secretary of the Treasury does have the authority to choose the order in which to pay obligations of the United States… Treasury is free to liquidate obligations in any order it finds will best serve the interests of the United States."

Sequester's Family Spending Conversion

The federal government's sequester is effectively the equivalent of a family cutting $45 a month to get their credit card debt under control, while spending $917 more each month that gets applied to the end of year balance.