NH House Republican Alliance statement on HB617 Gas Tax

CONCORD, New Hampshire – The House Republican Alliance (HRA) described today’s passage of HB 617, a bill that would increase the gas tax by 15 cents over the next four years, as disappointing and unnecessary.
Co-chair of the HRA, Rep. Pam Tucker said, “clearly, this is not the time to be raising taxes, let alone raising the gas tax from 41st in the nation to 11th.  Over the past four years, the middle class has been increasingly squeezed, with household incomes down $4,000.00, health insurance premiums up $2,400.00 and gas prices near all-time highs.”
Tucker stated that the real problem is that Governor Hassan insists on diverting one-third of the gas tax from repairing and maintaining roads and bridges to other spending. “The Governor proposes to divert over $160 million from the Highway Fund over the biennium.  We say that money should be used for our roads and bridges.”
When asked about the Governor’s claim that not diverting the money would undermine public safety, Tucker stated, “the money diverted from the Highway Fund to the Department of Safety, $153 million, is only 1.4 percent of the Governor’s $11 billion total budget.  It could easily be made up by prioritizing and reallocating other spending.”