Political Headlines - March 8, 2013

  • AG wants utility chief's pay revealed: Martha Coakley called to eliminate the reporting technicality that allowed Northeast Utilities to withhold a full accounting of Thomas J. May's pay in 2012. Globe features reporter Erin Ailworth outlines.
  • DeLeo backs 'smaller' transportation bill: House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said he will push for a "smaller package" of funding than Governor Patrick proposed. Globe transportation reporter Martine Powers outlines. 
  • Union seeks to target committee: The Framingham teachers' union asked its members to volunteer any personal information they knew about School Committee members. Globe reporter Kathleen Conti elaborates.
  •  Charter school results too good to ignore: This state's charter school results have become too compelling for policymakers truly concerned about education to ignore. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh explains.