Senator Bradley Statement on Tabling of Minimum Wage Bill

The New Hampshire Senate

Majority Office

Today’s bipartisan vote reaffirms decision of last session

Concord, NH - Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R- Wolfeboro, issued the following statement today following the Senate’s tabling of SB77:

“I am gratified the entire Senate stood for small businesses, job growth and opportunity by tabling an attempt to reinstate a New Hampshire minimum wage law.  Currently, 16 states have a higher minimum wage than the Granite State, and 14 of those 16 states have a higher unemployment rate than ours.  Moreover, raising the minimum wage costs jobs, especially for younger, lower-skilled workers.  In fact, 330,000 American teenagers lost jobs in the two months following the national minimum wage increase in 2009.  When Senate Republicans voted to repeal the New Hampshire specific minimum wage in 2011 we did so with job growth in mind.  Today’s bipartisan vote reaffirms the principle behind that decision.”