Senator Bragdon & Bradley Statement on Passage of SB153 Oversight of Collective Bargaining

The New Hampshire Senate

Majority Office

Good government and transparency requires legislative oversight of employee contracts.

Concord, NH - Senate President Peter Bragdon, R-Milford, and Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, issued the following statement today on the passage of SB 153, which requires Fiscal Committee approval of the cost items included in the state’s collective bargaining agreements:

“By ensuring legislative oversight of the cost items included in state employee contracts, this bill aligns the contract approval process at the state level with how it is done in cities and towns across New Hampshire.  Good government and transparency requires that the legislative branch, the branch responsible for writing and approving the state’s budget, have oversight of the agreements that govern the salaries and benefits of thousands of state employees.  This responsibility, and the impact it has on the state’s taxpayers, should not be left to a small group within the Executive Branch.  We are grateful for the State Employees Association’s support of this legislation and we look forward to a favorable response from the House ahead of upcoming contract negotiations.”