NHDP - What the GOP Won't Admit: Bradley-O'Brien Budget Left a Massive Deficit

NHDP Releases infographic highlighting massive Republican budget deficit


Concord - Despite their claims, House and Senate Republicans have no credibility when it comes to balancing New Hampshire's budget.  Even Republicans have been forced to admit, the 2011 Bradley-O'Brien budget downshifted millions of dollars onto property tax payers [Union Leader, 3/22/2011], raised millions in taxes [Youtube, 4/5/2011], made the largest cut to public higher education in American history [Nashua Telegraph, 8/12/2012], and still left a massive budget deficit according to the LBAO. [LBAO, 03/2013;  Nashua Telegraph, 3/7/2013


"It is fitting Republicans chose April Fool's Day to talk about the budget.  After the disastrous Bradley-O'Brien, they must be joking if they expect to be taken seriously," said Ray Buckey, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Instead of resorting to baseless attacks and embarrassing hypocrisy, Republicans should share how they would fix the massive Bradley-O'Brien deficit.  What about the devastating education cuts?"


This morning the New Hampshire Democratic Party released an infographic on Facebook and Twitter to highlight the massive deficit left by the Republican Bradley-O'Brien budget.  The image can be seen below.


"Republicans need to acknowledge the damage caused by the Bradley-O'Brien budget," continued Buckley.  "Why should the people of New Hampshire take anything they have to say sincerely after their most recent budget killed hundreds of jobs, made the largest cut to public higher education in the American history, and left a massive deficit?"