AFPNH - Outrageous

The Senate is currently considering the House-passed budget which includes funding for the expansion of Medicaid in New Hampshire under ObamaCare. The expansion is optional and up to the state.

I encourage you to contact your Senator and ask them to oppose ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. CLICK HERE to find your Senator and their contact information.


The expansion of Medicaid represents an unaffordable assault on our state’s taxpayers.


A recent national study by the Heritage Foundation shows that putting up to 80,000 new recipients on Medicaid will cost our citizens another $126 million in costs over the next 8 years.


It is an outrageous and unacceptable burden to ask our citizens to carry the cost of the failing Obama health care scheme.  New Hampshire should not implement an optional Medicaid expansion that will only make health care more costly and ultimately add huge new tax hikes to the small businesses and working families of New Hampshire.


CLICK HERE to find your Senator and tell them today that you oppose Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion!


Medicaid is already the largest item in the state budget. Expanding it under Obama's healthcare takeover will only lead to higher taxes and increased costs for existing health care coverage. 


CLICK HERE to find your Senator and tell them we cannot afford another unfunded mandate from the federal government.


Thank you for your efforts to oppose Obama's Medicaid expansion!





Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire