Political Headlines - April 10, 2013


  • State Senate may add funds to transportation bill: The Senate is willing to dedicate more than the $500 million in new taxes approved by the House, but the bill would still fall short of Governor Patrick's request. political editor Jim O'Sullivan reports.
  • Enforcement key to latest attempt at immigration bill: Supporters of an immigration overhaul say the only way to make enforcement of laws feasible is to offer a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants now in the US. Globe immigration reporter Maria Sacchetti outlines.
  • Lesson for a lame duck: Governor Patrick overestimated his persuasiveness in his tax package and forgot about the wisdom of consultation and the politics of the possible. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh explains.
  • We can't let the gun lobby win: A vocal, special-interest minority has controlled the gun control issue for far too long. And they keep winning, but only ­because the rest of us let them. Globe metro columnist Adrian Walker elaborates.