Freekeenenews - Activist Facing 81 Years in Prison for Selling Cannabis

420 celebration founder Rich Paul refuses the plea deal and goes to jury trial on April 16th at 9am at Cheshire superior court. Rich Paul MegaphoneSeveral activists came out to Cheshire "superior" court yesterday morning to perform jury outreach with fliers encouraging jurors to learn about jury nullification - your right as a juror to judge the law itself and vote your conscience.

Hopefully jurors will take the information to heart and use compassion for their peaceful neighbor in the upcoming trial of heroic 420 celebration founder Rich Paul. Rich is facing multiple cannabis distribution charges that could result in 81 years in prison. Rich has been offered a plea deal of a year in jail and has refused. He wants to be the first person acquitted for the peaceful, victimless "crime" of selling some cannabis to consenting adults. Most people would have taken the deal. Rich is standing firm on his beliefs - he has done no harm. No victim, no crime.

Here is a facebook event for the trial which begins Tuesday April 16th at 9am at Cheshire "superior" court at 12 Court St. Jury nullification sigh waving begins at 7:50am.