NHDP - Does Jeb Bradley Believe in a Minimum wage?

Bradley Has a Decades Long History of Voting for Lower Minimum Wages


Concord - During his decades long political career Republican State Senator Jeb Bradley has consistently voted against New Hampshire workers and for the lowest available minimum wage.  Both in Washington as a member of Congress, and in Concord as a state Senator and state Representative, Bradley voted against raising the minimum wage. [HB1475, 2000 Roll Call; HR 890, Vote #319, 6/27/06]  In 2011, Bradley even voted to eliminate New Hampshire's minimum wage law entirely.  [HB133, 2011 Roll Call]


"Senator Jeb Bradley has been consistent in his irresponsible votes against New Hampshire workers, making it harder for many to earn a living and support their families," said Harrell Kirstein, communications director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "In the State House, Bradley once voted against raising New Hampshire's minimum wage from $5.15 per hour - more than two dollars less than today's minimum wage.  How low exactly does Jeb Bradley believe the minimum wage should be?"


This afternoon, the Senate Commerce Committee is set to vote on HB501 which would institute a minimum wage law in New Hampshire. [HB501]  Without a state minimum wage, New Hampshire workers are at the whim politicians from other states who could lower the federal minimum wage, or eliminate it altogether, leaving New Hampshire workers with no protection.  The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 first established a permanent federal minimum wage in the United States.


"Instead of working to grow the economy and protect wages, Bradley has stood with the radical right in voting to eliminate New Hampshire's minimum wage law entirely," continued Kirstein.  "New Hampshire workers and their families deserve an answer - how little does Jeb Bradley believe their labor is ever worth? Does he even believe there should be a minimum wage at all?"