Political Headlines - April 11, 2013


  • A party rift on Obama budget: Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Congressional Democrats oppose the cuts to Social Security and Medicare included in the president's budget. Globe Washington bureau reporters Tracy Jan and Bryan Bender detail.
  • New England senators split on gun legislation: Just a few months after the Newtown shootings, the region's US senators are cleanly divided along geographical lines over how to respond. Globe correspondent Julia Edwards reports.
  • Walsh enters race for Boston mayor: State Representative Martin J. Walsh said his candidacy will resonate in the Boston's diversity. Globe state house reporter Andrew Ryan profiles.
  • GOP Senate debate gets personal: The Republican US Senate candidates flung accusations during the primary's second televised debate. political editor Jim O'Sullivan covers.
  • The military's sexual assault non-solution: The military wants to remove from commanders the power to dismiss verdicts, in response to a sexual assault case, but the larger problem of such assaults remains. Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem explains.