NHDP - With Sununu Out, NHGOP Reluctantly Forced to Consider D-Team and Rejected Massachusetts Politician

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on former Senator John E. Sununu's announcement this afternoon that he will not run for office in 2014.

"Get ready for the NHGOP D-team of failed former Congressmen Jeb Bradley and Frank Guinta.  New Hampshire Republicans know that Guinta and Bradley's records are electoral black holes - that is why they spent the last week openly salivating over the prospects of a carpetbagger run by rejected Massachusetts politician Scott Brown.  

"In Concord, Bradley joined the Tea Party in making the largest cut to public higher education in American history, voting to abolish the New Hampshire minimum wage, and supporting a state budget that killed hundreds of Granite State jobs.  His record in Washington was just as bad, Bradley was soundly rejected by voters in the first Congressional District twice, after voting to cut billions of dollars from Medicare, to raid the Social Security trust fund, and for tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while opposing tax cuts for the middle class.

"Guinta's record is no better.  He spent his two years in Congress championing the disastrous Ryan budget that would turn Medicare into a voucher program, opposing tax cuts for middle class families, and trying to put government bureaucracy between women and their doctors.  He is still under federal investigation by the FEC for his ethically questionable 2010 campaign for Congress.
"The bottom line is that New Hampshire Republicans are now stuck with a slate of failed tea party candidates who voters have already rejected before. Don't be surprised when they are rejected again."