Watchdog sued in libel claim

Dear Supporter,

When the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity was established in 2009, we were told that if we wanted to do cutting-edge investigative journalism we needed to be prepared to be sued as we exposed the dark corners of government. 

I was told that when that occurred we would have arrived as a news organization.

Well I am happy to report that the Franklin Center has arrived.

This week a lawsuit was filed against us for stories my investigative team in Virginia did in exposing potential problems and questionable business dealings with a green energy company called GreenTech. 

What makes this story important is the close ties this company has with “former” chairman and Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Terry McAuliffe and the fact that Hillary Clinton’s brother is also involved with this company. 

Our investigation obviously struck a nerve.  So much so, that attorneys for the Clinton/McAuliffe tied company are suing us for $85 Million.

Yes you are reading that correctly …. $85 million.  This appears to me to be a case of intimidation. 

They want to shut us up. Click here to fight back and STAND WITH THE FRANKLIN CENTER.

They grossly miscalculated because we will not be silent and we will continue to report on this and any story that is important to the public.

Are we scared? No, we have truth on our side and facts to back up our story. 

But we are taking this very seriously because if they can silence us they can silence anyone who dares to oppose bigger government and crony capitalism and those who work to expose waste and corruption.  That is why we are hiring some of the best 1st amendment attorneys in the business.

I was proud to tell our team of reporters, “ Don’t be afraid of the tough stories.  Don’t let this deter you from digging deep and shining the light where no one else will go.”  I boldly said, “Tell the stories no one else will tell!” 

We know we are making a difference. We have done our homework and we stand by our story’s conclusions.

The ball is in their court. 

We will not be silent and we will not shirk from our duty to defend the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech in this great country.


Jason Stverak
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity

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