Battle of the Fracking Filmmakers at Tribeca Film Festival

Hollywood, CA--Phelim McAleer, director of controversial "pro-fracking" documentary FrackNation, will attend the premiere of rival filmmaker Josh Fox's Gasland 2 in New York, NY at the Tribeca Film Festival. 
McAleer's FrackNation debunked many of the more dramatic claims in Fox's first Gasland, and he will likely clash with Fox again at Tribeca, providing instant analysis and reviews of the Gasland sequel.

Variety said that FrackNation "makes a good case against Fox's movie" and that it "debunks the famous Gasland scene of a fracking 'victim' setting his tap water on fire."
"Fox's first Gasland has been thoroughly debunked," McAleer said. "It will be interesting to see if he corrects his inaccuracies like a real journalist or if he doubles down on them like a real anti-fracking activist."
"If his recent short film The Sky Is Pink is any indication, Josh Fox is not interested in the truth. In it he claimed that fracking causes breast cancer," McAleer continued. "But reputable oncologists across the country stepped up to rebuke him. The Associated Press even debunked the claim."
"How Fox deals with this misinformation in his new film will say a lot about him as a journalist and the anti-fracking movement in general."
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