AUFC - Not Even a Mass Shooting of School Children Could Move Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-Gun Makers) to Lift a Finger to Prevent Gun Violence

Shameful: Not Even a Mass Shooting of School Children Could Move Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-Gun Makers) to Lift a Finger to Prevent Gun Violence

Ayotte Turns Back On 89% in New Hampshire Who Support Enhanced Background Checks,

Insists on Keeping Door Wide Open for Criminals and the Dangerously Mentally Ill to Get Guns at Gun Shows & Over Internet No Questions Asked

Washington D.C. – Americans United for Change executive director Tom McMahon issued the following statement after Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-Gun Lobby) helped vote down life-saving anti-gun violence legislation today that would responsibly expand background checks for commercial gun sales made at gun shows and over the internet:

“Who’s celebrating Senator Kelly Ayotte’s obstruction today? The big gun makers that want to keep up business as usual putting as many guns in as many hands as possible, background checks be damned.  Criminals, terrorists and the dangerously mentally ill are breathing a sigh of relief that they can go right on exploiting the gun show and internet loophole.

“Over 3,000 people have been gunned down in the four months since 20 six-to-seven year olds and six adults that were massacred in a matter of seconds in Newtown by a severely disturbed young man armed with a military-style assault rifle.  The response from Congress these victims’ families deserved: assurances everything that can be done to keep guns of the hands of dangerous people will be done so other families don’t have experience the incredible loss they suffered.  The response victims’ families got from the gun maker apologists like Ayotte in the Senate: ‘We couldn’t care less what happened to your family.’   Easy access to guns isn’t the problem, it’s the solution, many belligerently argued. These politicians voted to put gun manufacturer profits ahead of public and children’s safety, and voters will be reminded of their dangerous priorities again and again and again.

“Backed by 89% in New Hampshire, this legislation was the very least and most uncontroversial thing Sen. Ayotte could have gotten behind to help prevent future gun violence and tragedies like Newtown.  Instead Ayotte voted to keep the door wide open for criminals to get guns any time over the internet, no questions asked. Now the only question is: how does Sen. Ayotte sleep at night?”