CEI Today: Cybersecurity vote, immigration bill, and EU's failed emissions trading scheme


CISPA Voids Private Contracts, Undermines Rule of Law; Free Market Group Urges House to Reject Cybersecurity Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on final passage of H.R. 624, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2013 (CISPA). The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free market think tank, strongly urges Members of the House of Representatives to vote “Nay” on passage of CISPA.

We support voluntary information sharing about cyber threats and applaud lawmakers for rethinking outdated federal laws that inhibit Web firms’ ability to defend their networks. Yet CISPA goes far beyond untangling this web of legal barriers – it voids private contracts and undermines the rule of law. Although a bipartisan group of lawmakers, led by Rep. Justin Amash, proposed an amendment to address these concerns, the House Rules Committee rejected this
crucial amendment.

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CEI Immigration Analyst: Gang of 8 Proposal 'A Good Starting Point'

Legislation Needs to Allow More Low-Skilled Work Visas, Fix E-Verify, Limit Job-Killing Regs

A bipartisan proposal to reform America’s immigration system provides “a good starting point” for discussion but could be improved in a variety of ways, said David Bier, a CEI immigration policy analyst.

The legislation,
introduced in the predawn hours of April 17, would attempt to secure America’s border, permit more legal immigration and legalize the statuses of millions of immigrants already in the country. But its limits on the number of visas for unskilled workers remains too low; its regulations will impose new costs on businesses; and E-Verify, a key component of reform, needs strict standards to limit errors for American workers and protect small businesses. > Read more

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Globalwarming.org: EU’s Empty Climate Policy Reflects the Impossibility of a Global Climate Treaty (which is great for humankind)


The EU’s biggest joke of a climate policy—by far—has been the Emissions Trading Scheme, a cap-and-trade. It’s actually failed twice. During its first phase, the over allocation of carbon rationing coupons led to windfall profits for utilities, but no actual emissions reductions, as the carbon price plummeted. This week, during its phase three, the Emissions Trading Scheme collapsed again, and this time, it appears to be down for good.  > Read more

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JUNE 20, 2013




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