NH House Republican Leader Statement on Rep. Hansen Apology for Email Comments

CONCORD – Today House Republican Leader Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett) gave the following statement in reaction to an apology made by Rep. Peter Hansen (R-Amherst) for comments made in  an email exchange earlier in the month:


“I commend Rep. Hansen for doing the right thing and issuing a heartfelt apology for the comments contained in his email. House members are often very passionate about the issues we deal with, and in the heat of the moment, may misspeak or say things they later regret. House members need to hold themselves to a higher standard and refrain from engaging in this type of discourse via email or otherwise. Rep. Hansen has indicated he is sorry and meant no malice towards anyone or group, and I take him at his word. I look forward to getting back to the business of the people of our state without these types of distractions.”