NHDP - Will Sens Odell, Stiles Stand up for NH Students Or the O'Brien-Bradley Tea Party?

Will Republicans turn taxpayer money over to a radical, out of state organization?


Concord - When the New Hampshire State Senate takes up repeal of a misguided education voucher passed by the Jeb Bradley and Bill O'Brien led Tea Party legislature today, all eyes will be on Senators Bob Odell and Nancy Stiles.  With re-election contests just a few months away both Stiles and Odell voted against this irresponsible attack on public schools in 2012.  But today, Majority Leader Jeb Bradley is counting on them to flip flop, table HB370, and refuse to vote for repeal of his reckless education voucher.


"The question on the minds of parents, students, and educators across the state today is will Stiles and Odell stand with them?  Or will they turn their backs on New Hampshire's public education system and vote to support Jeb Bradley and Bill O'Brien's Tea Party agenda?" asked New Hampshire Democratic Party communications director Harrell Kirstein.  "Voting for anything than 'ought to pass' is clear sign Odell and Stiles no longer can be counted on to defend New Hampshire public school students."


The education voucher program could cost New Hampshire public schools 90 million dollars over ten years, divert that funding to private and religious schools, and downshift costs to local communities and property tax payers.  It would be administered by a fiscally irresponsible out of state organization, the Network for Educational Opportunity whose president is dedicated to showing "how and why government schooling is so harmful to children."  He compares American public schools to opposition to Hilter's "takeover of German's schools."  And concludes that public schools foster "dependency." [schoolandstate.org]


"This is radical right wing organization intent on destroying public education in New Hampshire and across the country.  They should not be involved in allocating New Hampshire citizens hard-earned tax dollars," said Kirstein.  "The choice for Odell and Stiles is simple.  Do you stand with New Hampshire students or Jeb Bradley and this radical out of state anti-education organization?"