ALG's Daily Grind - Freedom Under Attack!

April 17, 2013

Freedom under attack

Neither a bomb maker, nor a terrorist pilot determined to kill thousands, and not even a deranged kid who invades an elementary school destroying precious little ones can destroy America, the only thing that can make our nation more like Mexico City in 1984 is how Congress reacts to these events.

Obama: $205,000 a year all that is 'needed' to retire

$10 trillion in tax-deferred retirement savings is just too much temptation for the Obama Administration.

EPA's Tier 3 tyranny

High cost, no benefit does nothing to forestall agency's quest for ecological utopia. Union members get screwed by their own leaders

To get around Michigan's new right-to-work law, many unions signed long-term contracts prior to the bill's passage to require workers pay union dues.