AFPNH - 16%

This week the House is poised to vote on the state’s budget for the next two years. The budget includes over $600 million in spending authorization not included in the actual budget (HB 1) and grows state government by 16%. 

Why is the House hiding this more than $600 million in state spending? Can you and your family afford to pay to increase the government by 16%?!


CLICK HERE to find your House members and contact them today! Remind them this budget is paid for with YOUR money and YOU deserve to keep more of it!


At a time when working families are cutting back and making difficult decisions, we simply cannot afford to grow state government by such a large number! In addition, we deserve an honest and open discussion about how much the House plans to expand state government over the next two years, not more smoke and mirrors diversions to disguise just how fiscally irresponsible this budget is to the hard working taxpayers of New Hampshire. 


CLICK HERE to find your House members and ask them why Medicaid expansion only accounts for $1 in their current budget!


I’m not sure how much health care you can get for $1, but I’m absolutely certain that it’s not enough to cover tens of thousands of new Medicaid recipients


In addition, the House budget now includes a 12-cent gas and diesel tax that amounts to roughly $95 million that also was not added into the final version of HB 1.


CLICK HERE to find your House members and tell them that New Hampshire citizens deserve better! They deserve a budget process that is open and honest, not this type of back door immense ‘government on steroids’ growth plan that the House has put forth.


Thank you for all you do to keep the growth of government in check!





Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire