Franklin Center - They're suing us

Dear Supporter,

In a baseless attempt to chill free speech, a “Solyndra on wheels” electric car company founded by Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has sued following an investigation highlighting the automaker’s use of a controversial government “cash-for-visas” immigration program and lack of many real jobs (or cars) created.

Following a series of in-depth investigations, prompting the Associated Press, Washington Post, and more to also cover this important story, exposed multiple falsehoods in McAuliffe’s statements surrounding GreenTech.

Even PolitFact rated confirmed the falsity of Terry McAuliffe’s claims about GreenTech and the State of Virginia said they had “grave doubts” about the viability of the company.

Supporter, will you help us stand up against this baseless lawsuit attempting to muzzle the press? $25, $50 or whatever you can chip in will make a big difference in continuing to expose GreenTech & McAuliffe!

The funny this is, if our stories weren’t accurate, you would think GreenTech and Terry McAuliffee would want to set the record straight. Especially when you’re running an entire campaign off of your business experience.

Yet despite multiple attempts, they refuse to comment. They want to bury the facts and silence us.  Using intimidation and an $85 million lawsuit is so much easier than explaining yourself I guess.

But we’re not backing down. If we don’t fight against this lawsuit, the First Amendment, your rights, my rights, will not simply be attacked –they’ll be one step closer to being lost.

That’s why I went on Fox News – to tell the truth and defend a free press. American citizens such as you Supporter, own their government … what will happen if organizations such as don’t stand up for citizens and keep them informed?

GreenTech Automotive will continue to learn that Franklin Center doesn’t back down, especially when the First Amendment and serving the public trust are being attacked.

Will you stand with us Supporter? Your $25, $50 or anything you can spare will help us fight GreenTech and McAuliffe’s desperate attempts to chill free speech.

Thank you for your continued support,

Jason Stverak
The Franklin Center

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