NHYR - Hurst To Receive Gipper Award

Outgoing Chairman David Hurst To Receive Gipper Award

Concord, NH – Today New Hampshire Young Republicans announced that they will present Chairman David Hurst with the organizations highest honor "The Gipper Award" given yearly to a Republican under age 40 who displays an outstanding effort in the promoting New Hampshire's youth in the political process and the Republican cause.  The Gipper Award with be presented to Chairman Hurst at the NHYRs convention this Saturday by former House Speaker Bill O'Brien.  Those interested in attending the reception and convention can arrive at The New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College tomorrow at 10am.  Below are quotes from New Hampshire Young Republican officers.
"Chairman David Hurst has been done amazing things for the NHYRs over the last 13 years. As Chairman, he has been instrumental in growing every aspect of the organization from our social media presence to fundraising and member recruitment.  He put together a great digital team to revamp our website and grew our fundraising efforts from the thousand into the 10's of thousand of dollars, setting records for the NHYRs.  He has poured his heart into this organization and we are sad to see him go.  It is very fitting that he received this award and I'm honored to have served with him." Jennifer Couture, Vice-Chairman New Hampshire Young Republican 

"David was instrumental in cultivating my involvement with the organization.  I am glad he did because we have had some great years and great accomplishments under his leadership.  He was a great support to me when I was a 14 year old activist and later when I made the decision to run for State Representative. The New Hampshire Young Republicans and the Republican Party as a whole will forever be in debt to the efforts he put  forward to making our party better." Shaun Doherty, Southern Regional Vice-Chaiman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans

"David is one of the rare instances you find of truly selfless servant leaders.  He doesn't ask from anyone what he wouldn't do himself.  He serves by reaching down and lifting up and empowering everyone around him.  He gives more credit to others then he should and he takes less credit then he deserves.  He has a magnetic energy and enthusiasm that makes others want to be a part of what he is doing. He has a great way of making situations mutually beneficial to everyone he serves with and treats people with great amount of respect. While the NHYR will miss his vision, the party can look forward to great things from him now and in the future." Andrew Hemingway, Northern Regional Vice-Chairman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans 

"It is because of David Hurst that I originally got involved in the NHYRs first serving as Vice-Chair of the Greater Manchester YR's when he was Chairman of that group in 2003.  Later with his support I becoming National Committeeman and currently serve as Chairman of the National Young Republican's Awards Committee.  David has always been supportive of the people he serves with and helps them rise to new levels in the party.  Many of the parties current leaders and elected officials can point to David Hurst for a large portion of their success.  David has amazing vision coupled with the ability to pull people together to accomplish tasks that no one could do on their own. He gets the need to build our party's bench, by recruiting new leaders into the party.  He is a person everyone wants in their corner, you couldn't have a better friend then David." Robert Burns, National Committeeman of the New Hampshire Young Republicans

"David has shown a tireless commitment to helping young Republicans across the state as Chair of the NHYRs for the last two years. It has been an honor to serve by his side and I look forward to seeing all he has to contribute to our party in the years to come." Molly Sanborn, Treasurer of the New Hampshire Young Republicans

“I nominated David Hurst to receive the Gipper Award because I know how many people he has brought into this organization, including myself. I would never have become involved in the New Hampshire Young Republicans if it weren’t for the inclusive and sincere leadership David has always shown. David is a person who knows we have to grow the Republican Party, and to do so we have to capture the hearts and minds of next-generation voters. His guidance for the Young Republicans will be sorely missed.” Tyler Deaton, Secretary of the New Hampshire Young Republicans

"I am incredibly honored to receive The Gipper Award," said Chairman Hurst. "My involvement with the NHYRs has been great life experience for me.  I have been blessed with a board that represents some amazing leaders in the Republican Party.  My success can be attributed to the fact that I built this organization around the philosophy that you surround yourself with good talented people, that you engineer a mutually beneficial  positive vision, that you empower your people with the resources to accomplish that vision, and when the job is done you show appreciation for the hard work they do. I am honored that my committee has decided to show their appreciation for my work by honoring me with this award, an award I will treasure along with the great memories of the people I served with and what we accomplished together."