Sen. Sanborn Statement on Legislative Fiscal Committee Tabling ObamaCare Grant

The New Hampshire Senate

REPUBLICAN Majority Office

Governor, Insurance Department seek approval for implementation by circumventing established law

Concord, NH – Sen. Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) issued the following statement today after the Joint Fiscal Committee voted to table a nearly $340,000 grant request to implement a Consumer Assistance Partnership under the Affordable Care Act.

“We remain concerned about implementation of Affordable Care Act, particularly with regards to the Consumer Assistant Partnership today’s grant was designed to support.  The thought of inexperienced, community activists offering insurance advice opens a Pandora’s Box of questions that officials within the Insurance Department and the Governor’s office have been unable to answer.  I implore both the Governor and the Insurance Department slow down and respect the statutes in place designed to ensure oversight and transparency of this complex law, specifically with regards to Joint Health Care Oversight Committee which should have been consulted first as to the appropriateness of this grant.”

The Joint Health Care Oversight Committee was statutorily created and signed into law by Governor Lynch to specifically provide oversight and transparency to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire.  The next meeting of the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, at noon.