"The Day the Obama Administration Died"-Andy Martin on the politics of "Boston"

I had originally intended to write on the geography and religion of the Boston terrorists. But while I plan a second column on my analysis later today, there is already a lot of lamestream media work being done on those issues.

The question the mainstream media will not touch is whether “Boston” makes the effective end of the Obama administration. I believe that it does.

Nine years ago I wrote the first article that linked Barack Obama to the Muslim religion. Since 2004, Obama and his minions have tried to “terrorize” me into submission. Yet the facts I articulated in 2004 have never been rebutted and have acquired general legitimacy. Most recently, the Washington Post’s David Maraniss was forced to accept and credit what I had written.

But the scope of this column is not to debate whether Obama is a Muslim or not. That is not the issue today. If put to a vote, I suspect more people would accept my facts about Obama’s religion – that he is a “Christian of convenience” – than would support Obama’s version. But here is Obama’s real problem: Americans do not trust him on Muslim issues.

In 2009 Obama gave his infamous “Cairo speech” where he began what many called an “apology tour” for American sins against Islam, and what Obama somewhat injudiciously called a “New Beginning.” (please see link #1 below).

Then there was the “workplace violence” of Major Nidal Hasan, where an army officer shouting Allah Akbar killed fellow soldiers and is still awaiting trial (please see group link #2 below). Workplace violence?

The Boston Bombing crisis is going to drag on. News reports indicate that authorities are trying to capture the remaining Bomber alive, to determine if he has accomplices “out there” and whether he is linked to terror networks. A live capture would be great for the CIA and our intelligence agencies, but not so good for Obama. As the crisis and the investigations drag on, the Obama Administration will become increasingly distracted.

Yesterday Obama gave a stirring speech about the rebirth of the Marathon in 2014. People might not have been cheering Obama so openly if they had known that Muslim extremists were the source of mayhem and death. But Obama’s speechifying may become less welcome as links between Homeland Security and the Obama White House show a cool attitude towards fighting terrorism.

In fact, when Obama came into office over four years ago, he banished use of the word “terrorism” and banned the term “war on terror.” Is the war on terror still “Banned in Boston?” No so any longer. I never believed Obama could simply wish terrorism and the war on terror away. The terrorists still had and have a big voice in whether they can simply be ignored or whether they will go quietly into the night. Not last night, at least.

Can anyone point to a single terrorist who has surrendered, or a single terrorist act that has been prevented, because of Obama’s “New Beginning” towards Islam?

The great investigative and police work which is being done in Boston is being produced by our day-to-day non-policy-making employees. It was the new national security structure implemented under George W. Bush that allowed the FBI and others to capture the bombers in a matter of hours. Obama’s contribution to national security? He denied that terrorism exists, and claimed that a war on terror was unnecessary.

Obama, moreover, has demoralized federal employees with his “sequester shenanigans.”

This weekend Obama is supposed to unleash another war – against the American people when he tries to harass millions of air travelers by sequestering the workers who protect aviation security. That’s not the best public relations approach in the middle of a terrorism crisis.

Capitol Hill will convene hearings on “what happened in Boston?” Senator Grassley has already announced that the Boston Bombing will derail and delay a new immigration statute. There will be  other delays and distractions until the questions about “Boston” are finally resolved.

And there is more bad news for Obama.

While an armed terrorist is lurching somewhere in suburban Boston, the State of Massachusetts prides itself on some of the toughest gun laws in the United States. If I lived in Watertown – a town were I had a bank account and where one of my favorite restaurants is located – what I would want is a gun to protect myself, yes, an assault rifle, an AR-15. Instead, people are being told to lock their doors while the murderer lies out there somewhere in their backyard possibly armed with a suicide vest. If there is a stronger case to be made for having weapons at home, I don’t see it. “Watertown” will bury any further gun control efforts.

And so, slowly, the Obama administration will grind to a halt while it tries to address the problems created by the Boston Bombers.

I went to Washington in 1965 and went to work there in 1966. I saw what happens when unexpected circumstances intervene. The mainstream media are justifiably focused on capturing the remaining bomber. But as someone who has spent almost a half century in the political process, I can tell you this is the Day the Obama Administration Died.

Oh, Obama will fight back with more lofty speeches, more vacuous proposals, and more relentless and divisive campaigning. But his ability to mobilize and accomplish will be curtailed to the point of ineffectiveness. Obama has given Democrats a great issue to run on in 2014: gun control. We all know how that tuned out before.

The Boston Bombers have done something that perhaps no one else could have accomplished: they have rekindled sotto voce discussion about Obama’s links to and sympathy for Islam. “George Bush kept America Safe after 9/11; Under Barack Obama, Islamic terrorism returned to our shores.”

Welcome to the real world, President Obama.

As for the Obama Administration? R.I.P.