HotAir Daily Express 04/22/2013


Shocker: Tsarnaevs didn’t have gun permits
4/22/2013 10:01:05 AM  Ed Morrissey
Take some comfort in the fact that this will almost certainly be the last dumb meme in the gun-rights debate for a long time to come.  After the Tsarnaev brothers allegedly planted bombs at the Boston Marathon, shot a cop to death in an ambush, and then

Senate to vote on bill to end sales-tax exemption on Internet commerce
4/22/2013 9:21:48 AM  Ed Morrissey
The Senate may act to raise taxes today, and barely anyone knows about the effort.  A bill that would allow all states to collect sales taxes on Internet purchasers by their residents may get a floor vote today: The days of tax-free online shopping could

Russians wonder: How did Tamerlan come and go here, too?
4/22/2013 8:41:25 AM  Ed Morrissey
After discovering that Russia had alerted the FBI in 2011 to suspicious activity involving Tamerlan Tsarnaev, critics have asked how the FBI could have missed the now-dead suspect in the Boston Marathon for so long. In Russia, they’re asking

Tsarnaev awake, answering questions in writing
4/22/2013 8:01:43 AM  Ed Morrissey
For a while, it appeared that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might not recover fully enough to answer questions from interrogators.  Boston Mayor Thomas Menino suggested that might be the case over the weekend.  Yesterday evening, though, news outlets reported from


Quotes of the day
4/21/2013 8:01:57 PM  Allahpundit
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26-year-old Chechen immigrant, also harbored an increasingly alarming hatred of his adopted country. “He said in Russian, ‘I don’t like what America is doing,’ ” a Latvian neighbor told The Post yesterday, recalling a chat he had

MSNBC host explains our fixation with the bombers’ roots
4/21/2013 6:01:24 PM  Jazz Shaw
I know you were all worried. The entire week has gone by and you’ve doubtless been haunted by nagging fears over exactly why you were so upset with the Brothers Tsarnaev and their recent actions in Boston and Watertown. I’m sure, like many,

Europe’s carbon markets aren’t doing too hot, huh?
4/21/2013 4:31:02 PM  Erika Johnsen
I missed it earlier this week in all of the news-craziness, but the 27-member European Union’s cap-and-trade scheme doesn’t seem to be doing very well — and after the European Parliament rejected an attempt to artificially hike up

Blue states to sue EPA for not crushing coal industry fast enough
4/21/2013 3:01:24 PM  Jazz Shaw
Normally when I see somebody upset with the EPA, it’s because they’re shoving their regulatory boot down on the throat of somebody else. That’s why it came as something of a surprise to learn that the agency may be facing a lawsuit from

The real lesson of the Gosnell trial
4/21/2013 1:31:49 PM  Ed Morrissey
Now that the prosecution has rested in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the defense team gets its chance to present its own case.  Needless to say, after the testimony from some of those in Gosnell’s inner circle about the conditions of the clinic and

More arrests in Boston bombing case? Update: KDKA report confirming Mirror account?
4/21/2013 11:31:12 AM  Ed Morrissey
The death of one suspected bomber and the capture of the other on Friday in the Boston Marathon bombing may not be the end of arrests in the case.  Yesterday afternoon, FBI and DHS agents arrived at the same New Bedford apartment complex where they had

Three shot at Denver pot rally
4/21/2013 11:01:44 AM  Jazz Shaw
This was pretty easy to overlook given The Week That Was, but there was some sort of marijuana based celebration going on yesterday, marking the date of 4/20. (If you really care why that number is associated with smoking pot, there’s a brief