YRNF - Saturday in San Antonio

What are you doing Saturday in San Antonio?

You ought to be joining a committee because there are exciting things happening in those groups!

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9:30 Meetings

Constitution & Bylaws - The Committee will consider Temporary Rules of the 2013 Young Republican National Convention in order to recommend their adoption by the National Committee.

International Youth - Contact Christina Goodlander (cgoodlander@gmail.com) with any questions.  YRNF's International Committee builds bridges to freedom-loving young professionals around the world and engages YRs with international politics.

During this meeting we will discuss:
  • Hosting international visitors at Convention-- helping them navigate the various political and social events at convention
  • Upcoming delegations to Australia, Germany and Austria to campaign
  • Delegations to Cambridge, United Kingdom to attend the Freedom Summit and Prague, Czech Republic for the European Young Conservatives Congress
  • The next stage of our Sister Chapters program that links YR clubs with local clubs of conservative party youth wings around the world
  • Writing opportunities for the YR International Blog
Resolutions -  We will be holding a meeting reviewing a resolution submitted by the Puerto Rican federation urging Congress to act upon the recent referendum concerning statehood.  

10:20 Meetings
Campaign - If the famous bank robber Willie Sutton were asked why he joined YRNF Campaign Committee, he'd say, "Go where the votes are."  We'll be working on 2013 deployments such as the special election in Massachusetts, and the governor races in Virginia and New Jersey. 

Outreach -In June, we are hosting our first ever outreach event in critical Cuyahoga County, Ohio!  At this meeting we'll discuss next steps in planning our event in Ohio.  We need you and your ideas to carry our message to other young Americans! And, in case you can not make it to Texas- no worries.  Via Skype you can listen in and participate! 

Technology - **This is an INPUT MEETING where you can voice your concerns over the current website and make suggestions for the new one.**  The Technology Committee is excited to announce a decision on the next YRNF website. Join us as we announce which company won our bidding process and be sure to add your last minute thoughts as we move forward with the revamp of our online presence