CEI Weekly: What's Wrong With Internet Sales Taxes?

April 26, 2013



Feature: The Senate considered the "Marketplace Fairness Act" this week. (Image: internetretailer.com)

 FEATURE: What's Wrong With Internet Sales Taxes?


This week, the Senate considered the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill that would allow states to collect sales taxes from out of state retailers. Brick-and-mortar retailers think the bill would 'level the playing field' with Internet companies. But Michael Greve, chairman of CEI's board and a professor at George Mason Law, argues that the tax regime imposed by the bill would unfairly burden consumers and retailers. Read his Forbes op-ed here.






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April 25, 2013: Regulations Are Less Than Transparent


Every year, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) releases a report on the costs and benefits of the previous year’s new regulations. This year’s report was just released. Vice President for Policy Wayne Crewspoints out that the report ignores three quarters of all agencies and includes the costs of fewer than one half of one percent of last year’s regulations. Even so, the reported costs are double the previous year’s.