Citizens Report: Weekly Newsletter


Fellow Granite Staters,  

In recent weeks, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has come together as a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of concerned citizens, community leaders and other stakeholders concerned with promoting and preserving strong families and a strong economy for New Hampshire. As an organization, we will lead the fight for public policies that create jobs, limit government, lower taxes, and improve the economy in the Granite State.

Each week, we will be sending a "Citizens Report" to update you on the work we are doing to continue the fight for the issues we strongly believe in. We hope you find these emails useful and look forward to working together to ensure our values are represented in Concord and on Capitol Hill.

Shea-Porter's Solution: Raise Taxes

Rep. Shea-Porter's solution: Raise taxes

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has recently stepped up her rhetoric on raising taxes on New Hampshire families by coupling a message that "our country isn't broke" with continued calls for "increasing revenue," which is code for higher taxes.

You can read more at NHJournal's article on the story as well titled: Shea-Porter: 'We aren't broke'...'plenty of revenue to be found.' 


Ayotte protects our 2nd Amendment and the New Hampshire Advantage

Standing with Sen. Ayotte: Protecting our 2nd Amendment and the New Hampshire Advantage

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire was proud to stand with Senator Kelly Ayotte on two important issues recently.  

In response to Sen. Ayotte's strong stance against S. 743, the Market Fairness Act, more appropriately known as the "Internet Sales Tax," Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire thanked her for recognizing that this proposed legislation would have disastrous effects on small businesses in New Hampshire. Senator Ayotte saw the harm this bill would cause to businesses in New Hampshire, pushed to prevent this bill from happening, and even sponsored the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act of 2013. 

In addition to the Internet Sales Tax,

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire applauded Senator Kelly Ayotte in an article in the Concord Monitor for standing up for the rights of law abiding gun owners by voting against the Manchin-Toomey amendment. We joined countless Granite Staters in thanking her for recognizing the need to address our country's mental healthcare system, while also understanding that the expansion of background checks to private sales does not properly address this concern.  

Shaheen's pattern of passiveness on an Internet Sales Tax

Sen. Shaheen: A pattern of passiveness on an 'Internet Sales Tax'

Whether we agree or disagree with our legislators on a particular issue, Granite Staters expect our representatives and senators to be in Washington voting on our behalf. On Monday, Senator Jeanne Shaheen missed a vote for cloture on an issue particularly important to "Sales Tax Free" New Hampshire, S.743, legislation commonly known as the "Internet Sales Tax." You can view the roll call of that vote here.

While Senator Shaheen eventually gave an explanation for her missed vote after being pressured by the media, considering Senator Ayotte was present, Senator Shaheen's excuse leads one to question just how important protecting the New Hampshire advantage truly is to her. The Senator's missed vote coupled with her refusal to take a leadership position against an Internet Sales Tax is a pattern of passiveness that could have a crippling effect on New Hampshire small businesses. You can read Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's comments in the Associated Press story on the vote by clicking here.


Hassan slams door on Stand Your Ground legislation

Gov. Hassan slams door on 'Stand Your Ground' legislation

Last month, the Democrat-controlled New Hampshire House narrowly passed HB 135, the repeal bill that would strip away the rights of citizens to stand their ground and protect themselves, others and their properties when faced with a deadly threat. When asked at an event in Concord, Governor Maggie Hassan refused repeated attempts for her position on the repeal of the commonly called "Stand Your Ground" bill and eventually slammed her door rather than responding.  


The vote to repeal New Hampshire's 'Stand Your Ground' law was an assault on the right of Granite Staters to protect themselves and their property. New Hampshire residents deserve to know whether Governor Hassan stands with the rights of Granite State families to protect themselves or with the violent criminals who hope to inflict harm on good standing citizens.