Sunacom - "…the gas tax is dead on arrival" - Spec Bowers

In his April 28, 2013 column on, Sullivan County GOP Chairman Spec Bowers writes:

'Most people don't know it, but our State legislators are also county legislators.'

'Last year, [Sullivan County] commissioners recommended a budget that raised taxes by 2%. The county delegation consisting of nine Republicans and four Democrats voted instead to cut taxes. It will be interesting to see if this year's delegation, now controlled by Democrats, will go along with a tax increase...'

'Word from the Senate is that the gas tax is dead on arrival.'

'The gambling bill, SB 152, is being considered by a special joint committee of Finance and Ways & Means.' 'We heard at the public hearing that it will not be possible for the rules and regulations to be written and approved before the bill's stated deadline for choosing the winning bidder.'

'Perhaps the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) is more difficult than the tests used in other states, but it does seem appalling that a large majority of NH high school students are ranked Not Proficient in math.' 

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