ALG's Daily Grind - Senate immigration deal's Davis-Bacon poison pill?

April 2, 2013

Senate immigration deal's Davis-Bacon poison pill?

Legislation would apply prevailing union wages, which only apply to federal contractors now, to the rest of the private sector, costing tens of billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

Cartoon: GOP autopsy

The mainstream media takes it stab at why Republicans lost.

ALG Nominee Alert: Thomas Perez

ALG's Wilson: "Thomas Perez has both a troubling record of mismanagement and a radical leftist agenda that he is bent on imposing without regard for the law. His nomination should be rejected.

Stockman: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

"[The Fed's easy money] policies have brought America to an end-stage metastasis. The way out would be so radical it can't happen."