ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's pathway to gun confiscation

April 4, 2013

Obama's pathway to gun confiscation

The new national background check proposal that career anti-gun ownership Senator Charles Schumer is attempting to shepherd through Congress would eliminate the destruction of background check records, in effect creating a national database of gun owners.

Sequester: 1 month later

It's been a month since the sequester spending cuts kicked in and — shockingly — America has survived against the longest of odds.

Did Fed perjury net Bank of America a $7 billion bailout?

New York Fed employee reverses testimony in case over Bank of America's Countrywide losses.

Mitchell: Apparently Learning Nothing from the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac Disaster, the Obama Administration Wants to Subsidize Banks to Make More Dodgy Loans

"The Obama Administration is proposing to once again put the economy at risk by subsidizing banks to give mortgages to people with poor credit."