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The current state budget is a work in progress that needs a lot more work and some more progress. As with any budget, there are good things and bad. The House version is a step forward from the governor’s but has a few glaring problems that need fixing.

To begin with, while general fund spending is up 9.1% over the two years of the budget, that fact is obscured by a return to accounting gimmicks that serve no real purpose except to hide the increase. Two large categories of spending have been relabeled so that they appear in the old budget totals under general fund but are left out of the new general fund total... Click here to keep reading.


House Budget Relies on Tobacco Settlement to Balanced

Yet to be Finalized

The two-year state budget up for debate in the New Hampshire House today relies on $30 million from a settlement with tobacco companies that hasn’t been finalized. Click here to keep reading


2014-2015 Budget Resources

One stop shop for all our work on the budget

As the Budget Process gets under way at the State House, in addition to publishing our pieces on the main page, we will be aggregating all of budget related content here... Click here to keep reading.


The State's Online Checkbook

Continuing our look at the Highway Fund

AWith the budget process underway here in Concord are you curious where all that money is spent? Look no further than NHOpenGov. We have data on every last check the state wrote going back to 2009.... Click here to start looking!