NH Watchdog - Foster’s Supports Car Dealer Protectionism

Foster’s Daily Democrat has an editorial endorsing SB 126, arguing that tightening New Hampshire’s already strict limits on the franchise agreements that local car dealers sign with the manufacturer is common sense.

SB 126 has been the topic of two Foster’s Daily Democrat editorial board meetings — one last week with the representatives of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and one this week with members of the New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association. The first is said to represent about 77 percent of automakers nationally and the latter the New Hampshire retail motor vehicle industry, (auto sales dealers, tractors, off-road vehicles etc.) many of them small businesses and family owned.

During the meeting with NHADA members we heard story after story of local dealers — your friends and neighbors, the ones who support local youth programs and booster clubs — being forced out of business or being strong armed to spend hundreds of thousands, if not at times millions, of needless dollars to build or rebuild showrooms every few years.

Foster’s can normally be counted on to oppose such Nanny State foolishness, but seems to have been swayed by a parade of horribles. Local car dealers may indeed have a long list of contract obligations that they find unreasonable.[...]

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