Freekeenenews - Juror in Occupy NH Case Speaks :: FSP Reaches 70% of Signer Goal

Anonymous juror claims the jury would have convicted Gandhi or Martin Luther King.  As you probably know, the "Trespassive Three" of Occupy NH were convicted recently in Hillsboro Superior Court, but why did the jury choose guilty?  What were they thinking?  One juror graciously gave me the scoop, but only after other jurors and court security had left.  It's a rare thing to get a juror willing to comment to media on the record, but I've done it again, and it only cost me $30.  Please see the full story and video of the interview here at Free Keene.

Free State Project at Over 70% of Goal

The FSP crosses the 14,000 signer mark, nearing the move trigger of 20,000.  There has been a lot of buzz in NH media recently surrounding the Free State Project and today they crossed the 70% milestone on their way to 20,000 signers.  Each signer has signaled their intent to move to New Hampshire and get active to achieve a society where the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.  Over 1,000 are already here in NH, or over 5% of the total goal for movers.  The project is only just getting started.  Six thousand more signers are needed before the five year move window is triggered.