NH Rep. William O'Brien's Comments on the Passing of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minster of Great Britain and the indispensable philosophical, political and international ally of Ronald Reagan, died this morning.

Lady Thatcher was a giant of conservative values and action.  Along with President Reagan, Margaret Thatcher inspired us with her thoughtful and unflinching advocacy of a dynamic, forward-looking conservatism. 

In reaction to her death, Rep. William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) was quoted as saying, “Prime Minster Thatcher will be missed.  She was one of the foremost conservative leaders who have come forward in recent years and led change both in Britain and the United States.  Just as the liberal progressives of the Reagan/Thatcher era tried to diminish both of them with arguments that they had to soften their rhetoric and abandon important goals to get elected, so we hear the same claims today.  Thankfully, the Iron Lady and Ronald Reagan knew better that the importance of achieving critical public policy goals outweighed the politics of the moment and we remember both so fondly for their willingness to stand against the tide, let the personal invective wash over them, and make the world a better and freer place.”

In discussing the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Rep. O’Brien noted how Mrs. Thatcher was confronted with the same arguments, at times so smugly delivered, that we hear to today.  They told her to acquiesce to some of the goals of the left to preserve a decreasing residual of liberty. She didn’t believe it.  Ronald Reagan didn’t believe.  And we likewise should reject those arguments.

As Rep. O’Brien further stated, “We should be no more distracted by those who would diminish our efforts today than were President Reagan or Prime Minister Thatcher in their time.  The passing of Margaret Thatcher reminds us this has been a long struggle with many successes along the way.  This great lady taught us that now is always the time for us to reach for more.”



William O’Brien is a state representative from Mont Vernon, serving his fourth term in the New Hampshire House.