AFPNH - Is your wallet feeling lighter these days?


If you feel like you are working harder to take home less money for your families, you are not alone. The bad news is… things may get worse.

Next week, the NH Senate will hold hearings on two bills that will impact your wallet.


On Tuesday, May 7, at 10AM the Senate Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on the proposed 67% in tax on gasoline and diesel that will increase the price you pay every time you stop to fill up your tank.


Please go to to sign the petition opposing this tax increase that will be devastating to our taxpayers and businesses.


Plan to attend the hearing if you can to share your story of how this large tax increase will affect your life and business. If you cannot attend the hearing, click here to find your Senator and their contact information and tell them you oppose this tax increase!


On Thursday, May 9, the Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on the House-passed budget at 3PM in Representatives Hall.


As you may recall, the House-passed budget increases state spending by 16%! At a time, when a lot of New Hampshire families are cutting back, the House wants to grow government and increase the burden on our already struggling families!


State government should be shrinking; not the amount of money you have to take care of your family and pay your bills.


If you share our outrage over this and believe that New Hampshire taxpayers deserve better, contact your Senator today and ask them to oppose the House-passed budget!


Thank you for all you do to advance our mission of lower taxes and smaller government in the state.





Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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