CEI Today: Life of Julius video, national ID, and EU "cultural diversity"

Meet Julius: How Unions Hurt The Average Worker

Julius is an African American man living in modern-day America. Julius is a fictitious character, but the problems he faces are real problems that real people face every day. He wants the American Dream. He wants prosperity and opportunity. He wants his kids to have a better life than he did. When he retires, he wants to know that his years of hard work have meant some level of comfort in his old age.

In other words, Julius wants what all of us want. Unfortunately, his economic hopes are continually frustrated in ways both large and small, both obvious and subtle, by a powerful force: labor unions.

Please come see Julius’s story at WorkplaceChoice.org, and share with your friends and family. After all — you are Julius. And so are we all. > View the video



Openmarket.org: Gang Of 8’s Euphemism For National ID System: “Identity Authentication Mechanism”


Our new euphemism for a national identification system is “identity authentication mechanism.” The Gang of 8, the leaders of which are biometric national ID card proponents, included a provision in the electronic employment verification portion of the immigration bill that calls for such a “mechanism” to identify every American at the click of a mouse.

The exact thing that Americans have
resisted for the past 80 years, ever since the Social Security card was first proposed.  > Read the full commentary

> Interview David Bier


Openmarket.org: Will EU “Cultural Diversity” Exception Undermine U.S.-EU Trade Talks?

A possible bump in the road  toward  a U.S.-EU trade agreement emerged  today as a parliamentary committee of the European Commission voted to begin trade talks with the U.S. but to allow a “cultural exception” for film and audio-visual subsidies. That means that the EU would be carving out this exception early on, possibly creating an obstacle to real progress on eliminating non-tariff trade barriers between the two parties.

  > Read more

> Interview Fran Smith





JUNE 20, 2013




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