NHSP Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

New Hampshire State Police Motorcycle Safety Demonstration

NHSP Teaming up with professional motorcyclist Chris McNeil to demonstrate why safety is paramount.

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New Hampshire State Police will be addressing the media Wednesday, May 1st at 1:30 pm to discuss the importance of motorcycle safety.  This announcement will be made in the middle school parking lot of The Derryfield School, 2108 River Road in Manchester, where latin teacher Chris McNeil will perform a “controlled crash,” to show the dangers of not paying attention when riding.  McNeil is a spokesperson for a US military program Semper Ride, aimed at increasing motorcycle safety for US Marines.  He is also a factory rider for BMW's motorcycle division and a competitor.

Last year on New Hampshire’s roads there were 99 fatal crashes.  Twenty six of those fatalities involved motorcycles.  A large majority of those killed were not wearing helmets.  “Now that the weather is warmer and we see more motorcyclists out on the roads, it’s a good time to remind riders to wear the proper gear and exercise caution,” says NHSP Sgt Joe DiRusso, who heads up the State Police’s Motorcycle Unit.

To demonstrate the importance of wearing a helmet, students at Derryfield will be dropping melons from various heights off a lift in the parking lot.  Some will be encased in helmets and others will not.  “The purpose of the experiment is to show the kids just how important having the proper gear can be.  No matter what sport you’re engaged in it’s clear that helmets save lives,” says Chris McNeil.  

In addition to McNeil performing a slide with his bike, State Police will be on hand with their motorcycles to demonstrate safety drills.  “Even if you’re a skilled rider, it’s always good to go over training at the start of the season,” says DiRusso. 

Police plan to demonstrate the importance of defensive riding, high-visibility clothing, rider training and helmet use.  

About Derryfield: The Derryfield School is an independent day, college preparatory, coeducational high school located in Manchester, New Hampshire, www.derryfield.org.