ALG - Demand Congress investigate IRS targeting of tea party and Jewish groups!

Dear Liberty Activist,

Click here to demand Congress investigate the IRS for targeting tea party and other groups on the basis of political leanings!

Today, ALG President Nathan Mehrens issued the following statement urging Congress to investigate the Internal Revenue Service's admission that it was targeting groups for audits on the basis of their tea party affiliation:

"The use of the nation's tax agency to target groups for audit and review on the basis of political leanings is an egregious abuse of power. This is beyond Nixonian in its flagrant disregard for the rule of law as it was intended to stifle dissent, and now there must be accountability. We know the Democrat-controlled Senate will not be bothered to inquire what happened, but the House of Representatives can and should use its power to subpoena witnesses to get to the bottom of this scandal. Our laws either apply equally to all citizens and citizen groups regardless of political leanings, or we have become nothing more than a banana republic."

You know what to do! Click here to use CapWiz to urge Congress to subpoena witnesses and to get bottom of this scandal!

Now, it turns out that Jewish groups were targeted, too, because it's "connected to Israel," the IRS agent involved with the case allegedly said.

The IRS should never be used for political purposes to stifle dissent. This must never be allowed to happen again. There must be accountability. People should be fired at a bare minimum, but also prosecuted for any wrongdoing.

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Robert Romano

Senior Editor

Americans for Limited Government