Freekeenenews - City of Keene Files Lawsuit Against Robin Hooders

City admits in its suit that Robin Hooding is legal and that they have been writing far fewer tickets as a result. 

In a lengthy lawsuit (you can read a copy of it here) the attorney for the City of Keene claims that Robin Hooders have been "harassing", "intimidating", "taunting", and "interfering" with the city's parking enforcement agents.  (Learn about Robin Hooding here.)  However, at the same time they admit there is nothing within the current law that allows them to do anything about Robin Hooders.  Strange, considering there is a harassment charge in the law that surely the Robin Hooders could be charged with, if they were actually harassing the enforcers.  No Robin Hooder has been charged with harassment.  Ironically, in the city's own filing their job description for parking enforcer claims the enforcers must "endure verbal and mental abuse" by the public.  (Again, that's not what is happening, but even it if were - it's part of their job description!)

The City of Keene is asking the court to enact a 50ft "safety zone" around the parking enforcers, where no Robin Hooder would be able to be.  Six individuals have been named in the lawsuit filed last week in Cheshire Superior Court including Robin Hood James Cleaveland and yours truly.

Interestingly, in the suit the parking enforcers admit in their affidavits that they have been writing fewer tickets than in the previous period of time before the Robin Hooding started in earnest.  Also the city attorney believes that if the injunction is not ordered by the court that the parking enforcers may quit their jobs and the city agents are worried they will not be able to find employees to replace them.  The entire document is a testament to the effectiveness of the Robin Hooding effort.

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Ian Freeman