NHDP - ICYMI: Sunday Editorials Take Kelly Ayotte to Task for Gun Vote, Again

Concord - In case you missed it, the Granite State's Sunday Editorial pages took Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte to task for voting against bipartisan commonsense background check legislation, again.  The Nashua Telegraph, Concord Monitor, Valley News, and Keene Sentinel all criticized Ayotte's pathetic excuses for her vote against 90% of her constituents.


Concord Monitor Editorial: Ayotte's misdirection isn't working

May 12, 2013

"Magicians rely on misdirection to fool audiences and pull off their tricks. So do politicians when asked tough questions, as Sen. Kelly Ayotte has been at venues like her town hall meeting in Tilton this month. At that event Ayotte relied on misdirection and a magician, former congressman and current state Sen. Jeb Bradley. The one-time professional magician screened audience questions for Ayotte and made many of the ones about her anti-gun control vote disappear. Nice trick."

[Full Text Link: http://www.concordmonitor.com/home/6096580-95/editorial-ayottes-misdirection-isnt-working]


Nashua Telegraph Editorial: Ayotte misses mark with gun points

May 12, 2013

"It makes no sense to say just because the NICS doesn't catch everybody that we shouldn't try to catch anybody. Conspicuous by its absence in Ayotte's commentary is any indication of whether she would be willing to support extended background checks under any conditions. She doesn't address the glaring illogic of current law that exempts a significant portion of gun sales. What if all the initiatives she supports came true, would that be enough to convince her that gun show background checks are a good thing? Inquiring minds want to know."

[Full Text Link: http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/opinion/editorials/1004313-465/ayotte-misses-mark-with-gun-points.html]


Valley News Editorial: Ayotte's Preference; Senator Focuses on Mental Health

May 12, 2013

"Here's what we don't understand: Why do the limitations of improved mental health screening give no pause to Ayotte and other advocates of the Protecting Communities bill, but very similar flaws stop them dead in their tracks when it comes to a wider application of background checks? The gun lobby, no doubt, could explain."

[Full Text Link: http://www.vnews.com/opinion/editorials/6066814-95/editorial-ayottes-preference-senator-focuses-on-mental-health]


Keene Sentinel Editorial: Faced with hollow arguments, reformers must keep pushing

May 5, 2013

"In a simple, bulleted slide show - and later in her answer to the single question from the audience about guns that she allowed during the hour-long meeting - Ayotte ticked her way through the same National Rifle Association-approved list of talking points she's relied on for weeks."

[Full Text Link: http://www.sentinelsource.com/opinion/editorial/faced-with-hollow-arguments-reformers-must-keep-pushing/article_0e5822f6-1607-5b24-b2b4-a5c6db53eccf.html]


This isn't the first time New Hampshire's editorial pages have harshly condemned Kelly Ayotte's vote.  Previously, the Concord Monitor called her statement opposing the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey compromise "utter nonsense." The Keene Sentinel said "Either way, Ayotte owes the people of New Hampshire an explanation. What she's said so far - that the bill would unduly burden law-abiding gun owners - doesn't cut it."  The Valley News wrote her "non-explanation was so vague it raised a number of questions" adding that it wasn't "one anybody would mistake for convincing." The Portsmouth Herald editorialized, "If we don't like how she voted Wednesday it's up to all of us who care about this issue to show Sen. Ayotte she was mistaken by voting her out of office."