NHDP - Senate Republicans Must Name Their 300M Budget Cuts

NH Families and Small Businesses "Flat Out" deserve to know what 300 million Senate Republicans have put on the chopping block


Concord - If Senate Republicans plan to double down on the failed O'Brien-Bradley budget scheme from two years ago, the people of New Hampshire deserve to know what they plan to cut.  Last week, Republican Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Morse claimed the state budget the House sent to the Senate had a $300 million dollar hole and added that "flat out, the budget is going to look a whole lot different when it leaves the Senate than it does now." But Morse and Senate Republicans detailed only a small percentage of the 300 million they want to cut from the state budget, by vowing to cut funds for LCHIP and a scholarship program for underprivileged students.


"It is time for Senate Republicans to 'flat out' name their cuts," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  "If Republicans plan to devastate education, kill hundreds of  New Hampshire jobs, put winter snowplowing at risk, downshift to local communities, and slash hospital funding - again - they should be honest with the people of New Hampshire about what exactly they plan to cut.  The very least Republicans can do is eliminate the uncertainty and let Granite State families and small businesses can brace themselves for another round of reckless and irresponsible Republican cuts."             


In the last budget, House and Senate Republicans made the largest cut to public higher education in American history.  They killed hundreds of New Hampshire jobs, downshifted millions of dollars to local communities, and cut services for seniors and people with disabilities in order to pay for tax giveaways to big tobacco.


"The Bradley-O'Brien budget was an epic disaster for the people of New Hampshire and for Republicans on ballot in 2012.  It's no surprise that Senate Republicans want to hide their plan to double down on this failed approach from Granite Staters, but that doesn't make it right," continued Kirstein.  "Will Senate Republicans eliminate all funding for higher education, pushing through another double-digit tuition increase? Will they cut additional aid to cities and towns, raising local property taxes? Will they cut health care for seniors, people with disabilities and children?  The people of New Hampshire 'flat out' deserve to know."