Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today blasted Governor Maggie Hassan for trying to impose a new tax on New Hampshire’s hospitality industry. The Union Leader reported today that the Hassan Administration is trying to reinterpret existing tax rules to force New Hampshire restaurants and food establishments to pay a new income tax on tips collected by food servers. Since Hassan became governor, the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has started to harass restaurants with audit letters:

“The Hassan Administration’s new hospitality income tax is a backdoor attempt to squeeze more money out of New Hampshire’s business community to cover the reckless spending increases in the governor’s irresponsible budget. This onerous new tax places an even greater burden on our hospitality industry that will kill jobs, reduce wages for restaurant servers, and crush small businesses.

"On Governor Hassan’s watch, the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration is trying to bully and intimidate restaurants with harassing audit letters regarding the new tax. It should come as no surprise that the Hassan Administration would use such outrageous tactics given the governor’s previous attempts to force businesses to pay more taxes. As a state senator, Hassan spearheaded the effort to create and implement the job-killing LLC income tax that would have devastated New Hampshire’s small businesses.

“In 2010, Republicans stood up for New Hampshire’s job creators and successfully killed Hassan’s LLC income tax. Today, Republican senators are fighting to block Hassan’s new hospitality income tax and end her latest assault on our business community.”