O'Brien For Congress - Bill O’Brien Comments on IRS Scandal of Targeting Conservative and Jewish Groups

O’Brien for Congress

Calls on Rep. Kuster to demand investigation into government abuses


Mont Vernon, NH – State representative Bill O’Brien offered the following comments today in response to the growing scandal involving the admission by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that the agency targeted conservative non-profit groups. Later revelations show that the IRS also directed extra scrutiny towards non-profits affiliated with Jewish interests.

Representative Bill O’Brien

“With the latest chilling revelations of targeting of conservative and Jewish groups by the IRS, the specter of governmental tax persecution based on politics has now been exposed. It is highly disappointing that we in New Hampshire have not heard either of our House members join with those calling for a U.S. House investigation of these IRS abuses.

“As an attorney who should know the history of political abuse by federal agencies, Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster should not let party loyalty stand in the way of doing all she can to investigate and prevent the IRS targeting Americans, including her constituents, based on political and religious beliefs alone. She needs to speak out now on how this abuse is corrosive to our citizens’ trust in government.

“Given her recent tax problems, Representative Kuster must be aware of the awesome power of the IRS to use its authority over taxes to disrupt lives. She should be leading the call for an investigation. Not only her conservative and Jewish constituents, but all those who care about avoiding government abuse based on politics should call on her to file a resolution now to have the investigation begin.”