Political Headlines - May 15, 2013

  • Obama tries to control damage on three fronts: The White House sought to insulate itself from fallout yesterday as a trio of political controversies developed - Benghazi, IRS and AP phone records. National political reporter Matt Viser details.
  • Terrorism is never justified: Columnist Jeff Jacoby writes about how there have always been Westerners who are quick to see the US as culpable in every crisis, but that it's not part of constructive self-criticism to make excuses for those who commit acts of terrorism.
  • Act dropped from Markey event over Confederate flag: US Congressman and Senate candidate Edward Markey dropped Ben Jones, who was on "Dukes of Hazzard," from a fundraiser when he learned he was a Confederate flag defender. political editor Jim O'Sullivan reports.
  • The Obama scandals: In fretting about the Tea Party and leaks to the press, the Obama administration is showing an unprecedented display of paranoia and abridgement of freedom. What era is it, anyway, asks columnist Derrick Z. Jackson.